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Indonesian Leather Factory - Leather Glove Manufacturers

leather industry and leather tannery

leather industry

Leather industries have entered into the advance era. The development could be witnessed from the process in preparing  leather with quality monitored  , accurate  raw material selection process , finishing process which could yield  high quality.
Leather product that could meet the market demand/ requirement, leather industry standard and certainly/ of course appear  the organization for leather standardization, as an independent institution which is loaded with procedure and complex stipulation ,  and  however  PT Budi Makmur  Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia can get the trust to obtain the certificate from SATRA.

The development of leather industries is not only in quantity but in quality as well , the market demand in the leather industries  especially for goat skin industries, where the quality  improvement is always maintained from time to time so as to meet the requirement of the leather industry world. 

The result of  leather industry Standardization especially for goat leather is very clear and which constitute as a very important factor and which have given  PT Budi Makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia commitment to support the leather industry market especially for goat skin industry, to always guard the quality giving  priority for  customer’s satisafaction  , and to  bewitch the leather world,  
as the Industry that create  high quality product.


Our Vision

Continuous effort & progress to produce leather with satisfactory quality,which satisfy customer request, competitive in international market, environmental friendly and produces according to the management system of ISO 9001:2000.

About us

PT  Budi Makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia   a  leader for Indonesia Leather  Industries, existing since 1966 and set forth the management system for processing leather modernized & have a certain quality as an international leather industry, and have succeeded in working closed cooperation  with well known raw material  supplier world wide.   

As a well experienced leather industry in leather processing has mediate to success to become goat skin exporter with standard quality to several country such as :
 Europe : Italy , Germany, Spain, Cyprus ,Greece, Holland and United Kingdom
 Asia : Hongkong, Korea , China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and India.

The special quality of leather Industry PT Budi Makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia are :

  1. High quality / excellent  leather industry in processing and

  2. Leather industry with management processing industry

  3. More than 40 years  experience in leather business

  4. Excellent Human resources supported by leather Academy & Leather Research Institute in Yogyakarta.


Experiences  in processing and high standard management leather industry has send PT Budi makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia to become leather industry which always give priority quality for leather production with product and service mainly in :

  1. Processing raw goat & sheep  skin  to become pickle and Wet Blue as based for further process
  2. Converting Wet Blue into Crust and Finished Leather for various Leather usage/related industries.

Our Industry products are very suitable as the basic leather for industries such as

1. Garment, Footwear, leather Goods , Dress and Sport Gloves.

Speciality & Product standard

We Gurantee our product standard as have obtained certificate ISO 9000 and Satra as a proof that PT Budi Makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta,
Indonesia is very serious to maintain production quality, product   specialization and production process as follows :

The Leather product with special quality as :

  1. Washable leather for Garment, Gloves and Shoes

  2. Water Repellent Leather for Gloves and shoes

  3. Chrome Free Leather

  4. Metal Free Leather for Shoes







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